Small Business Month: Life Created

Eeks, I am so happy to introduce to you guys to Stephanie who blogs over at Life Created!

Stephanie is a craft-a-holic. And she is such a good crafter! I am a little jealous.

She is always coming up with cute new things to share and adding fun stuff to her shop… for those of us who sometimes aren’t that crafty.

Stephanie shares how to create the POM garland above. It’s SO EASY!!

I told you she was crafty.

Did I mention she also posts some pretty delicicous looking food too! I have yet to be able to try one of the recipes… my husband dominates the kitchen and I can never get in there. But this is the first one on my recipe to do list.

Beignets! Thank you Stephanie!

She is a wealth of information, guidance and she has a pretty good eye too.

Ask her anything. And follow her Pinterest boards! They are freakin’ amazing!

PS She recently opened up her Etsy shop… go see it. It’s pretty dandy.

Here you go..






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